Republicans Pass GOP Tax Bill

via Senate approves major tax cuts in victory for Trump

It’s happened-the Senate of the United States has passed, narrowly, their tax bill that would give tax breaks to the uber-wealthy and corporations, while cutting back deductions for low-and working-class people, like those for state and local taxes, and for interest on student loan payments, for example. Every economic research group, left, right, and center agrees that the idea that some future economic growth supposedly resulting from these cuts is a hoax; it will actually add $1 trillion (with a T) to the deficit.

Republicans pride themselves on being such fiscally responsible people while they complain about deficits and spending during a Democratic presidency. But hey, republicans are in the While House, so a Republican deficit doesn’t count, right?

All the news talks about how the republicans had to have SOME sort of victory, to show their wealthy corporate donors that they CAN get stuff done; but it’s working-and low-income people who are the victims of this “glorious victory.”

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