Where Are Senate Republicans As Our Constitution is Under Attack?


Senator Elizabeth Warren called upon Senate Republicans to stand up to Donald Trump.  It wasn’t a question of whether his ban on Muslim immigrants was unconstitutional.  It was.  The question was who among the Republican Senators would be willing to defend our constitution.  It appears there are almost NO Republicans willing to stand up and defend the American constitution from domestic terrorist.  It is Donald Trump who is the terrorist, not the Muslim immigrants who are trying to enter the country.

Trump has been in office 11 days.  America is already in crisis.  Trump has now fired the nation’s top law enforcement officer, Sally Yates, the acting attorney general. Yates refused to enforce the ban on Muslim immigrants.  Instead of getting legal advice or consulting a constitutional scholar, Trump fired Yates.  If he had consulted a Constitutional Law Professor he would understand that the Muslim ban violates FIVE DIFFERENT…

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