Protests at the DNC in Philadelphia

I have read statements and articles, like one in one of my favorite site Raw Story, that there is a danger in protests and demonstrations in front of the Democratic national Convention in July in Philadelphia, that due to the split between the Clinton and Sanders camps will create a violent scene, and that would work for the law-and-order types in the Donald Trump campaign, since Trump has presented himself as a “strong leader” who will maintain order and “make America great again.”

As part of this idea, there is the memory of the Democratic national Convention in Chicago in 1968, where there were demonstrations in front of the convention site and police tore into the demonstrators. The idea is this-people protesting and demonstrating are bad violent people who cause trouble, and the oppressive and unjust political-economic-social system  is NOT to blame, thus shifting responsibility.

Racists from the ‘sixties have used the slogan “law and order” to rally around to resist Civil Rights, so it’s nothing new. haters like the racists supporting Trump, like David Duke, should not have a voice or veto about how we should conduct ourselves as we engage in activism for the betterment of the nation and its people. They are the same people who still believe that Barrack Obama is a Muslin Kenyan who wants to take away everyone’s guns-he isn’t, and he hasn’t-and who, in Congress, have tried to obstruct Obama no matter what he proposed, and who have tried dozens of time to repeal “Obamacare.”

Why should we worry that the opposition says about us? No matter what we do, we’re wrong in their eyes, and so let them rave, and let us do what needs doing for our country.

3 thoughts on “Protests at the DNC in Philadelphia

  1. Nasty fighting at the Democratic convention might help The Donald but not because of the appeal of “law and order” but because Clinton and her allies are almost certain to try to rig the thing, avoid floor voters/debate, a la Nevada even if they have the majority of pledged and superdelegates. Crooked Hillary will emerge as the nominee of a bitterly divided, half-crippled party and Trump will say (rightly) that the process was rigged against Sanders.

  2. If there were to be violence in Philly it would be just like it was in Chi Town: A POLICE ROIT. The demonstrators aren’t violent the police state is. Just consider Seattle in 1999 during the WTO. Even the police chief latter admitted the violence was generated by the police and said he regretted his decision to deploy them as he did. Then there was Montreal, etc, etc, etc.

    If there is to be a violent police action then that will be telling for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear and minds with which to think.

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