Resolutions for my Birthday 2015

I am continuing my custom of writing resolutions for my birthday, just like I do for New Year’s, Rosh HaShona, and Passover. It’s like affirmations and visualization, the constant repetition of these positive statements embed in your mind, and you either consciously or unconsciously think of them and they guide your behavior. HEre they are:

I continue to conduct myself with self-love, self-esteem, and self-respect. I speak positively about myself, my capabilities, and my life.


I continue developing the art and craft of writing, advertizing myself, seeking venues to publish my work, connecting with other writers, etc.


I continue to explore new art forms, such as acting and photography.


I continue to be faithful to Jewish life and religion.


I continue to know the love of women and the joy of sex.


I continue all forms of education available to me.


I continue to be dedicated to my various social and political causes.

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