Philadelphia Jobs with Justice 2015 Solidarity Awards Dinner

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice held its 2015 Solidarity Awards Dinner in the ballroom of the William way Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street, on Thursday, June 11, 2016.

The honorees were:

Richard Bloomingdale, President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO;

Marianne Bellasorte Vice President for Advocacy of Pathways PA, an organization providing assistance to low income women and children, through advocacy, job training and employment assistance;

Next Wave, the young workers movement in AFSCME District Councils 33, 47, and NUHHCE 1199C;

Fight for 15, the movement for a $15.00 an hour minimum wage, focusing on fast-food workers;

Philadelphians Organized to Worship, Empower, and Rebuild (POWER), a coalition of religious congregations in Philadelphia, dealing with the social and economic issues the city faces (the Reverend Greg Holston, pastor of New Vision United Methodist Church, accepted the award on behalf of POWER);

and the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) of the University of Pennsylvania.

Jobs With Justice is a coalition of student and labor activists defending the rights of working people. They have been active in organizing drives for fast food workers; they have campaigned to make the University of Pennsylvania, which has an endowment of $7.7 billion and 992 acres of prime real estate, pay its fair share of taxes, an important issue for a city short of revenue; they have also supported organizing drives for security guards in some of the museums and universities in Philadelphia; and they supported the strike of nurses and other health-care workers at Temple University Hospital. JWJ has also worked against corporate tax breaks, which do no good for the economy but take money away from such services as battered-women’s shelters and libraries.

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