7 Signs You\’re Underestimating Yourself

I always as a kid had to deal with being told I was no good for nothin’; like I had to be reminded how inferior I was, how nothing I did was of any value-this includes members of my DEAR family, my church, and my childhood “friends.” The first step for me was to get the HELL away from toxic, negative people like that, and surround yourself with positive, supporting people.

THEN, you have to build your OWN self up, remind you OWN self how wonderful you are, and of how YOU DO contribute positively to the world. One way I do that is with affirmations, those quick, short statements you repeat to yourself daily to country the negative messages from the Bad old days. Plus, meditation is great for calming the mind, finding out the thoughts that go through the mind, and replacing them with healing, loving, positive thoughts.

Remember, you are SO worth it.

7 Signs You\’re Underestimating Yourself

via 7 Signs You\’re Underestimating Yourself.

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