Fighting Negative Self-Talk

In this new year, I’m going to work on combating the negative self-talk that was drilled in to me when I was a kid, when I was surrounded by negative thinking and taling people, including my DEAR parents. This is particularly important now that I’m going to Amherst for Labor Studies Classes; my mind invents the most negative scenarios for what might happen to me on the way.

I have learned these tactics for fighting negative self-talk:

Mental rehersal, also known as visualization-Sit down, and think of the most positive outcome for your venture: for me, the positive outcome is “I get into the taxi to the airport. I get off at the airport, check my bag at the counter, and get my boarding pass to get on the plane. I get on the plane, get to by destination, and take the shuttle to the campus hotel. I attend my classes, learn a lot of wonderful stuff and meet other great labor activists.” It would be different with and other person in another setting, but you get the idea.

Goal setting-Having a clear goal to attain, and doing everything possible to attain it.

Positive self-talk-Keep telling yourself, “I am a genuius, I am brilliant, I absorb knowlege, I enjoy learning,” like the affirmations. It also helps to have around you positive, supportive people, rather than people who love to belittle and insult your dreams and ambitions; they think that they can’t suceed, so why should YOU?

Deep breathing-Sit down, and take long, slow, deep breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth, several times. This is very relaxing.

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