As a kid, I wanted to be involved in various extracurricular activites, like boy scouts and student government; my father’s favorate mantra was, “Don’t get involved, please, don’t get involved.” My parents tried to hide from the world, like they were afraid of it. (Why? That’s for another blog post.) They acted like what I did would come back to them-it was never about me, it was about them.

In reality, we ARE involved in the world, from the time we get out of the house, to when we get to the job, to when we go to the store or the diner…We are involved in the world no matter what we do. Sure, bad things are out there, but staying in the house like it’s a bunker won’t protect you from the world, the world will come through the walls. The best way to deal with the world is to go into it, whether you’re afraid or not. It still might work our for your benefit.

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