What I’m Up To Lately

I have been active in many of the performances of the Moonstone Arts Center, run by Larry Robin. This afternoon I attended the 2014 Anthology of Featured Poets Reading and Holiday Party (hey, why not have fun?), where several of the region’s leading poets read some of their material.

Moonstone holds readings at Fergie’s Pub, 13th and Sansom streets in Philadelphia, every Wednesday evening. There are readings by featured poets, followed by an open reading. Organizations like Moonstone are important, they develop literary talent coming from the grassroots, the neighborhoods, the schools and lives of ordinary people. For further information, check their website, moonstoneartscenter.org.

This Tuesday, December 16, as in every third Tuesday of every month, my friend Dr. Susana Mayer will host the Erotic Literary Salon, at the Bohemian Absinthe Lounge, 1315 Sansom Street in Philadelphia. There will be an adult sex education session, followed by readings of sexually-explicit literature (Pornography? Erotica? The name s can be loaded with positive and negative meaning.) This work Susana does in very important in overcoming sexual taboos and shame, which in this country is out of hand.

This Tuesday, my friend the Reverend Beverly Dale, “Rev Bev,” a minister in the Disciples of Christ Church and former director of the Christian Association  of the University of Pennsylvania, will be the guest speaker, spreading her missionary work of ending sexual shame and of celebrating the human body, something we need more of in this society.

For further information about the readings, contact theeroticliterarysalon.com; for information about Rev Bev, contact beverlydale.org.

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