The Missing Piece: Jewish Lives Matter, by @cvaldary


After I brought up the issue of systematic persecution of Palestinian Arabs by both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, the responses of debaters Kristian D. Bailey and Dr. Carson were respectively, “I am not here to defend Hamas” and “That’s up for them to decide.” To be fair to Kristian, his answer was at least intellectually consistent.  Making an effort to transition from “I don’t defend Hamas” to “I condemn Hamas” would be too much to ask a member of Students for Justice in Palestine who retweets statements from known Jew haters like Muhammed Desai.

But Dr. Carson’s position was, in contrast, inexplicable. He began his statement earlier in the debate by saying that Dr. King said we should stand for “the oppression of all peoples.” Which is weird since Dr. Carson didn’t seem to be so keen to stand against the oppression of Palestinians by the regimes ruling over them. Instead, according to them, that was up for “them to decide.”

The Missing Piece: Jewish Lives Matter, by @cvaldary

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