I voted, did YOU?

The first thing I did this morning before going to my job was to go to my polling place-the only REAL poll-and I voted. There was a line of people there, in spite of the media talk about light voter turnout in a midterm election. The stakes are high this election, control fo teh US Senate, governors’ races, that touch on us on a daily basis. How did we get to this place that people don’t go to vote, as if it doesn’t have anyting to do with them-it definately does. We have to change the culture of this contry to elimanate the “I don’t care, I got my own problems” attitude that causes people to stay away from voting-the people we elect deal with such issues as taxes, schools, roads, air and water pollution, and that is EVERY person’s problem. We don’t live in isolation, no matter how hard we act like it. PLEASE, for your sake, for the sake of your community and country, VOTE. I’m John Oliver Mason and I approve this message.

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