Resolutions for my Birthday 2014

I have the custom of writing resolutions for all the new years in my year-New Year’s, my birthday, Rosh haShona, and Pesach. It reminds me of what I’m working on in my life. Below are the resolutions for my birthday this year. Please comment if you like.  

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love, self-esteem, and self-respect, speaking positively about myself and my life.

I will continue all forms of intellectual advancement, such as reading, attending classes, libraries, museums, and seminars, and making time to read books.

I will continue my art and business as a writer, networking with other writers, attending writing events, taking writing classes, etc.

I will continue to know the love of women and the joy of sex.

I will continue my social and political activism.

I will continue to be loyal to Jewish religion, history, culture, Kabala, Israel, Hebrew, etc.

I will continue to seek new experiences and learn from them.

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