What about Palestinian children who were killed by Israel ? What about Gaza blockade ? What about all the uncountable criminals against arab ?!


I don’t mean to change the subject, but what about Palestinian kids killed by Hamas? What about Palestinian kids used as human shields by Hamas? What about the way Palestinian children are indoctrinated through every available means to hate Jews? Let’s face it. Every child that is killed on either side is the fault of the Palestinians.

What about Palestinian children who are treated in Israeli hospitals, including the granddaughter of Hamas PM, Ismail Haniyeh? Are there any Israelis being treated in Palestinian hospitals?

Gaza blockade? I assume you’re talking about Egypt’s blockade of Gaza. It’s nice of you to mention it, as it is very rarely mentioned. After all, if you can’t blame it on the Jews, why bother?

“Criminals against arab”? You mean like these?

If there is anything else we at EY can help you understand, don’t hesitate to inquire. That’s what we’re here for.

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