Palestinian Propagandists are Losing Their Touch, by Dexter van Zile


Instead of showing the world just how bad things are for people living in the West Bank, they are revealing the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of Palestinian elites. They are also highlighting the antisemitic craziness that has gripped Palestinian society.

Such craziness was on full display during Pope Francis’ recent visit to Bethlehem. Prior to his visit, the Palestinian Authority decorated the buildings near Manger Square with grotesque images of modern-day Israelis and Palestinians inserted into classical paintings of Biblical scenes.

One of the most off-putting and disgusting of these images showed an Israeli soldier with his hand on the mouth of Isaac during his binding at the hands of Abraham.

This and other posters provoked legitimate criticism about how the people who made them were trying to invoke imagery from the Bible to demonize the Jewish state. But as offensive as these images were, it is pretty unlikely they generated any real sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

They were just too wacky, tacky and over-the-top.

To the average person, the images offered a very clear message, “This city is under the control of lunatics. Enter at your own risk.”

Palestinian Propagandists are Losing Their Touch, by Dexter van Zile

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