The Mason Moment, April 4, 2022

I speak about the need to tell the real story about the Confederacy, and the need for honest dialogue about race in this country.

Philly For Change Back At TMom!

Philly For Change, the progressive group I’ve worked with for a LONG time, will FINALLY hold an I PERSON meeting at Tattooed Mom, 530 South Street, in Philadelphia. ( At tomorrow’s meeting will be these candidates:

Malcolm Kenyatta, running for the US Senate from Pennsylvania;

Chris Rabb, State representative for the 200th District;

Tarik Khan, running for the 194th District;

and Anthony Belmon, running for the 203rd District.

These candidates will com speak to us and take our questions; I hope to see you there.

photo of person dropping a vote

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Resolution for Pesach 5782

I’m continuing my practice of writing New Year’s resolutions for Pesach, or Passover, the holiday where the Jews left slavery in Mitzrayim (Egypt)and became a people. Here they are:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love, self-esteem, and self respect, forgiving myself of my errors and learning from them, being more positive about myself and my abilities.

I will continue to  develop my literary, poetic, and journalistic arts and careers, with readings, journals, conferences, book fairs, workshops, podcasts, blogging, videos, etc.

I will continue my education, with classes, libraries, museums, etc.

I will continue to be faithful to Jewish religion, history, Yiddishkeit, etc.

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The John Mason Talk-Walk, April 2, 2022

I speak about the dangers of gentrification, and the need for working and low-income people to involve themselves in the political process; When violence is justifiable; the Senate confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson; and the need for Medicare-For-All.

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