Boycott Texas

The US Supreme Court decided to take NO action on the draconian abortion restriction law the state of Texas has enacted. The court did nothing at all about the bal, therefore letting it stand. ( 

One of the most galling features of the law is that private citizens could sue anyone who helps a woman attain an abortion; anyone from the bus driver taking the woman to the abortion clinic, or the workers installing the sign in front. If the suit is successful, the person informing on anyone “assisting” an abortion would get a bounty of $10,000, plus legal fees. Therefore, anyone trying to make a quick dollar could make up a story about someone helping an abortion, and it would be to harass an opponent.

I stand wholeheartedly for the right of a woman to control her body and her reproduction; I don’t have a uterus, I don’t know what it’s like to carry a fetus for nine months in my belly, so I’m no one to judge. Theologians and scientists have debated forever at what point life begins-at birth? at conception?-and religious extremists, and the politicians catering to them, have tried to decide the issue, even resorting to murder. The analogy to the Taliban in Afghanistan-religious zealots trying to regulate the lives of women-isn’t far off the mark.

I urge a boycott of Texas-individuals, corporations-to let them know the women of Texas, and their supporters, have their back on this.

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