The Mason Moment with John Oliver Mason, August 31, 2020

I speak about the month of Elul, the Republican trump-worship fest/convention, and the evens in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The Mason Missile, August 27, 2020

Greetings, Americans!

I have been active in demonstrations to support the United States Postal Service (USPS) from its own Postmaster-General, Louis DeJoy-a big Republican donor and investor in several private delivery services, and who would profit hugely if the USPS was destroyed, and not compete with the private firms. That is the common capitalist tendency, to think that if it can’t make a profit for already rich plutocrats, it’s no good; they can’t think beyond lining their own pockets, no matter what it does for, or to, the public good.  

The Postal Service is OURS, it is the means by which veterans attain their medicines from the VA, people send letters and cards to their loved ones, paychecks are sent out, and businesses send their products. But the charlatans and money-grubbers in the trump regime can’t see that; trump has FLAT OUT said that he wants to prevent mail-in ballots from going out, so people afraid (justifiably) of the COVID still in the atmosphere. The public welfare in being destroyed due to one sorry-ass excuse of a man’s paranoia; just another reason to vote him out, and however you can do it, do it, in person if you have to; the nation’s live is at stake.

People are rallying behind the Postal Service, in localized rallies like the one I participated in. ( The Postal Service is great for hiring veterans at good wages. To find out how you can help save the Postal Service, please contact the real experts on the postal system-the postal workers themselves, in the form of the American Postal Workers Union (

There is the weird movement QAnon, the crazy idea that there is, in the US intelligence apparatus, a person named Q, who passes along information about trump fighting against a global elite of Satanist pedophiles comprised of Democrats and Hollywood stars. ( trump has refused to directly refute it-the believers are his base, after all-and a number of Qanon believers are running as Republicans for congressional seats, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia, Mike Cargile and Erin Cruz in California, Theresa Raborn in Illinois, and Lauren Bobert in Colorado, and Jo Rae Perkins, running for the Senate in Oregon. The FBI has declared Qanon a domestic terrorist threat- but our commander-in-chief (gag!) wont’ turn against them or call them out; people carrying Qanon signs, t-shirts, and caps have congregated trump’s rallies. (

The Republican party has sunk to an even lower low; this is a continuation of the tea-party AstroTurf “movement” electing their candidates as Republicans, which the party leadership accepted, just so they can undermine Obama’s Presidency and implement tax cuts for corporations; I also can’t help but remember Arthur Jones, a total, balls-out, Jew-hating Nazi, running for Congress in Illinois as a Republican, and the party leaders not bothering to run anyone against him, instead saying “He doesn’t speak for us.” 

Added to this is the Republican National Convention; instead of drawing up a platform outlining the party’s policies on defense, the economy, and welfare, the convention put out a resolution stating that it would just support trump and everything he does; they would “reassert the Party’s strong support for President Donald Trump and his Administration.” ( The Republican Party, once a breeding ground for great statesmen, has rotted into the Cult of trump.

Contrast this to what going on in the Democratic Party; the progressing wing of the party is growing and making an impact, unseating long-serving placeholders. One is Cori Bush, a registered nurse and leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Missouri, who was hit with teargas by police during a BLM demonstration; she beat 20-year incumbent William Lacy Clay in the congressional primaries, in a Saint-Louis-area district. ( In New York, in a congressional primary in the Bronx, Jamaal Bowman, a middle-school principal, defeated Eliot Engel, a 32-year incumbent who had largely been absent from his district. ( If they win their general elections, they will join “the Squad” of congress-members already making an impact-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), Ilhan Omar (Minnesota), Rashida Tlaib (Michigan), and Ayanna Pressley (Florida).

These and many others were endorsed by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who, in spite of losing the primary to Joe Biden, has inspired a new generation of young progressive activists, to challenge the system, and that in itself is a victory. The party leadership-Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer come to mind-must pay them attention and respect, for they have ideas and energy we the American people so desperately need.

The fight is on, Americans, for the life and soul of our nation. We must educate ourselves on the issues of the day, and how we got there; we must realize we don’t have to be put down and abused by fools in power, that we have rights and we can and will utilize them; we certainly don’t have to accept our own demise from the Coronavirus, no matter trump’s “It is what it is” attitude showing he care zero about us. AND, we must get out there November 3 and vote, and don’t let ANY one take that right away from you.

Stay safe stay together, and stay strong! America will be free! Bye!  


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Crowd of Protesters Holding Signs

Defend USPS

trump and his minions have declared war on the United States Postal Service (USPS)- a popular agency of the government they’re supposed to be running. This is part of the effort to prevent mail-in ballots from going through the mails, so people can vote without having to risk contracting the Coronavirus; they have done such things as take away sorting machines and mail boxes in several states that war important in the Presidential election.

Leading this trumpist effort is Louis DeJoy, a longtime republican door, trump’s Postmaster General, and investor in several private delivery firms that would profit from the destruction of the USPS, an institution specifically mandated in the Constitution, Article One Section Eight, under the duties of Congress, “To establish Post Offices and post Roads”.

The postal system is OURS, it belongs to all the American people; yet for a long time, Republicans has floated the idea of privatizing the postal system, for no purpose but “the free market,” in and of itself. The postal system, along with delivering mail-in ballots, also delivers our newspapers and magazines, and our medicines, and our Social Security checks. Business would grind to a halt without the mails delivering products, which is a dangerous thought during the economic crisis due to the pandemic due to donnie’s incompetence. The Postal Service is also great at hiring military veterans.

We must stand up for OUR postal service. we must contact our members of Congress and urge them to vote for the HEROS Act, the Coronavirus relief bill-it has $25 billion allocated for USPS, along with the funding for state and local governments and the $600.00 a week stimulus for unemployed workers. Plus we must support the workers of the Postal service-members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) ( , our fellow workers and Americans. Please do what you can to support them.