Amazon fires Staten Island coronavirus strike leader Chris Smalls


Opinion | America Will Save America from the Coronavirus – The New York Times

This has been a great tragedy, and our alleged “leaders” have failed us. So many of them have been more interested in lining their own pockets and those of their already over-rich billionaire masters. A new way of thinking, thank God, is emerging.We shall see who depends on who in the future.

Union Wins $3 Billion to Protect Airport Workers – The American Prospect

This shows ow workers,banding together in union for their mutual protection, could defeat powerful corporations and affect change; this is also an example for other workers and other union. I have a feeling our capitalist class is running scared.

Mitch McConnell’s massive weaknesses have been exposed in crisis

There have now been three pandemic-related spending bills passed by the U.S. Congress, and Mitch McConnell has had precious little influence over any of them. This ought to be embarrassing for someone who prides himself on his mastery of Senate procedure. In the first case, McConnell punted from

Source: Mitch McConnell’s massive weaknesses have been exposed in crisis

McConnell is as useless as trump in this crisis. They BOTH have to be evicted from Washington.