Save Our Schools!

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) has initiated the “Fund Our Facilities” Coalition, or elected officials, unions, and community groups to secure funding for schools to repair and prevent health hazards in Philadelphia public schools. Such problems for Philadelphia students have been asbestos, rodent infestation, sewage leaking, lead paint peeling off, ceilings collapsing, plumbing breaking and flooding rooms, carbon monoxide, electrical and lighting,and the need for cleaning and maintenance staff.

The Coalition is organized to have the state government release funds for the School District to make these repairs, but the Republicans, in their sense of superiority over cities with strong minority communities, refund to release the funds. the fight is on for our kids, who are the future leaders of our communities. The website for more information is .

The Zine Scene

Recently I have taken workshops at the Free Library of Philadelphia-Whitman branch, 2nd and Snyder-in putting together a zine-one of those handmade, little periodicals kids have made and passed around. (Why should kids have all the fun?) The instructor taught us how to fold the sheet into small squares and identify the front, back, and other pages; to cut a slip in the middle fold of the sheet and fold the sheet into a star; then drawing, writing, and pasting material onto the squares, using public domain photos and photos you clip from magazines; and then you photocopy the galley and hand it out.

A great resource recommended for zines is Philly Soap Box, 4700 Kingsessing Avenue, All forms of creativity must be allowed to flourish.