PHILAPOSH Awards Reception

On Friday, November 15, 2019, I attended the 44th awards reception of the Philadelphia Area Project for Occupational Safety and Health (PHILAPOSH), where we honored labor activists who have worked to improve the health and safety of working conditions in the Philadelphia region.

The Tony Mazzocchi Award went to Jed Dodd, Vice-President At-Large, National Division, BMWED-IBT.

The Karen Silkwood Award went to Fred Cosenza, Business Representative for the Philadelphia Building and Trades Council AFL-CIO.

The Crystal Eastman Award went to Nicole Klingerman, Director of the Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance, an organization for workers, mostly immigrant women and women of color, who work as home caretakers and cleaners.

The Cathy Brady Award went to Barbara Rahke, who recently retired as Director of PHILAPOSH.

The Leadership in Health and Safety Award went to Matt Birney, HSE Representative and Industrial Fire Fighter.

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Ken Brown, who has worked for over 45 years in the Operating Engineers Local 542.

Trump attacks Marie Yovanovitch for having served the U.S. in Somalia

This “president” we have is a wannabe thug, trying to bully and intimidate a witness testifying against him. He’s merely a rich kid who hasn’t grown up, and who thinks he’s plain folks because he talks like he has no education. He must never be condescended to like this, and we must never tolerate a potential dictator.