‘Everyone. Needs. To. Watch…’ Democrat Dianne Feinstein Explain to Children Why She Won’t Back Green New Deal

Source: ‘Everyone. Needs. To. Watch…’ Democrat Dianne Feinstein Explain to Children Why She Won’t Back Green New Deal

Feinstein’s attitude to these future voters-assuming there IS a future-is, “Get lost you little bastards!” She said, “You didn’t vote for me!” They’ll be of voting age, and THEN, they’ll remember this. These kids are sharp, they see the future and it’s not going to work for them, UNLESS we stop the polluting of our air, water, and soil.

Paul Krugman explains how anti-progressive activists ‘are revealing their own biases and ignorance’

Centrist politics haven’t disappeared from the Democratic Party by any means, but it is safe to say that liberal and progressive ideas are enjoying a larger seat at the Democratic table in 2019. And in his latest column for the New York Times, veteran economist Paul Krugman examines progressive prop

Source: Paul Krugman explains how anti-progressive activists ‘are revealing their own biases and ignorance’

Parshat Ki-Tissa

This weekend we studied the Torah portion Ki-Tissa, Exodus 30:11-34:35. God instructs Moses on the making of the basin for the water that Aaron and his sons, the priests, to wash their hands and feet before entering the Mishkin, the traveling tabernacle. The portion also has the ingredients for making the oil for anointing the priests and the posts of the Mishkan, and the ingredients of the incense; could we try to make them using these recipes now?

The Israelites, panicking over Moses being away for so long,   Aaron urges the Israelites to donate their gold to the making of the Golden Calf; this was the same gold they attained from the Egyptians on their way out of Egypt, as a form of reparations for over four decades of slavery. In their panic, they forgot the God who brought forth the miracles of the plagues upon Egypt, and the parting of the Red Sea.  Did they think this object they manufactured with their hands was their true God?

And-was Aaron afraid of being killed by the mob? Or was he buying time until Moses came back?

Throughout the Torah, the Israelites complain about their situation and yell, “Let’s go back to Egypt!” to the slavery that they experienced, the only reality they knew, having been slaves for such a long time. Were the Israelites, in making the Golden Calf, hoping to appease the Egyptians by doing this?

It’s happened in domestic violence situations; battered spouses run away from their batterer, then they go back to their abusive partners, hoping they have changed and would not do it again; but the violence starts up again. They needed Moses’ leadership to have faith in God and themselves in making themselves into the nation meant for God’s service.

Nazi Rally in New York, 80 Years Ago

Eighty Years ago today, home grown American Nazis-the German-American Bund-held a rally at Madison Square garden in New York. We’re seeing lately a revival of this malignant spirit, thanks to the foul person lurking inside the White House. His rhetoric maligning Muslims, Mexicans, African-American, and other minorities have enabled the current generation of neo-Fascists to crawl out of the woodwork and terrorize all of us.

https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/madison-square-garden-nazi-rally_us_59dfb62ee4b03a7be57f29de https://archive.org/stream/ArmyTalkOrientationFactSheet64-Fascism/Fascism64_djvu.txt

Above is a memo from the War Department, dated March 24, 1945, about the nature of Fascism. I hope this country doesn’t have to relearn, the hard way, what Fascism leads to.


Article on John Wayne


Here is an article in today’s Washington Post, about the great film icon John Wayne, who was an icon for America’s right wing-=for reasons you will read.