Upcoming, December 1, 2018

Tomorrow, December 2, I will attend the show Traveling Wares, a market where craftspeople sell their hand-crafted products, like jewelry and soaps, from 2-7:00 PM, at Dirty Frank’s on 13th and Pine streets in Philadelphia. There I will have for sale copies of my anthology, All Of The Above, and the two poetry volumes Mutterings and Out Of The Box.

On Monday, December 3, I will read my poetry at the open mic program Community Drafts, held at Lucky 13 Pub, 1820 South 13th Street in South Philadelphia, starting at 8:00 PM.  I will have my books for sale there also, and others will perform stand-up comedy and music.

On Wednesday, December 5, I will be at Tattooed Mom, 5th and South streets in Philadelphia, for the meeting of the progressive group Philly for Change.


Resolutions For New Year’s 2019

I continue my custom of New Year’s resolutions:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love, self-esteem,and self-respect, thinking more positively about my life and my abilities, and remembering the positive elements of my life.

I will continue my activism in my social and political causes.

I will continue to be loyal and faithful to Jewish religion and history, Torah, Kabbalah, Israel, etc.

I will continue to develop my art and business as a writer, attending classes, readings,  and workshops.

I will continue my education, with classes, seminars, libraries, galleries, etc.

I will continue such spiritual practices as Torah study, meditation, affirmations, etc.


A New Bookstore Is Born

Today I attended the grand opening of a new bookstore in South Philadelphia, A Novel Idea On Passyunk, located at 1726 E. Passyunk Avenue. It’s part of a movement back to small independent bookstores, locally owned and operated, away from the big box chains and Amazon and the other online systems. This is more personal, more neighborhood oriented.


Christina HR Schneider and Alexander Schneider, owners of the new store.


Patrons enjoying the new bookstore, which will hold author events and will feature local authors and publishers.


The outside of the store, at 1726 E Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia

Their e-mail is books@anovelideaphilly.com.