May Day in Philadelphia 2018

This Tuesday, May 1, 2018, I attended the May Day USA Rally and Family Celebration, held at Clark Park, 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue. Here are some photos I took from that event.

Music was provided by Labor folk singer Andy Antipin, below:


and Peaches Little Brothers, on guitar.


Speakers included Cheri Honkala (left), veteran activist for the homeless, and director of the Poor People’s Human Rights Campaign. In the center is Jim Moran, veteran Labor activist and leader of the drive for May Day vents in Philadelphia; to the right is Paul Grubb, co-chair with Jim Moran of the May Day USA Education Committee.


Kathy Black, who helped found US Labor Against The War, a Labor advocacy group that opposed the US invasion of Iraq:


The Aggie Moran Human Rights Award-named after Jim Moran’s late wife, presented to groups “for significant contributions to the working class struggle for human rights”-was presented to representatives of JUNTOS, an advocacy group for Latino/Latina immigrants:


and to Veterans for Peace Chapter 31 (represented by John Grant, left), whose “Precision Grill Team” provided food for rally participants free of charge.




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