Update 2

I went to the building where the Poetry Ink event-commemorating National Poetry Month in April-and the building was locked, there was no one to let us in , so the event has been postponed to May. when I find out the new date, I’ll let you know.  Things like this DO happen.

I submitted my final paper to my class at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, for my master’s course in Labor Studies. I believe strongly in educating workers and other low-income people of their rights and their true history, and not through the distorted lens of commercial “news” media, but with them empowering themselves to do their own research and reading, and then, after they learn what they’re up against, taking the right action to fight for their rights. Anything I learn in this course, I pass on, and education never stops at the classroom, it’s a lifelong process; you start dying when you stop learning.

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