Trump’s Mitch Warns Him: We’re Going To Lose Midterm

via Trump’s Mitch Warns Him: We’re Going To Lose Midterm


Republican Senate Candidate, Who Has Called for Country ‘Free From Jews,’ Could be Dianne Feinstein’s Challenger

via Republican Senate Candidate, Who Has Called for Country ‘Free From Jews,’ Could be Dianne Feinstein’s Challenger

It’s come to THIS in the Republican party-a blatant, balls-out neo-Nazi Jew hater is running for the Senate in California, like the Fureur-wannabees in Wisconsin and Illinois. THIS comes from the “Southern strategy” of Nixon, trying to siphon off George Wallace voters with such codes as “law and order” and “welfare queens,” then continued by Reagan saying-in Mississippi, in the county where the three Civil rights activists were murdered by the Klan-“I believe in State’s rights,” the war cry of Southern separatists before the Civil War, to justify their”right” to own people like cattle.

All of this has been to feed on racial prejudice to gain votes; it does nothing to elevate workers and other low-income people, of any color. It does not provide anyone a job, it does not keep a factory in this country so that whole communities are jobless. We can MOST  definitely fight both racism and plutocracy,  for the sake of our nation.

Update 2

I went to the building where the Poetry Ink event-commemorating National Poetry Month in April-and the building was locked, there was no one to let us in , so the event has been postponed to May. when I find out the new date, I’ll let you know.  Things like this DO happen.

I submitted my final paper to my class at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, for my master’s course in Labor Studies. I believe strongly in educating workers and other low-income people of their rights and their true history, and not through the distorted lens of commercial “news” media, but with them empowering themselves to do their own research and reading, and then, after they learn what they’re up against, taking the right action to fight for their rights. Anything I learn in this course, I pass on, and education never stops at the classroom, it’s a lifelong process; you start dying when you stop learning.

Update 1

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, I attended an awards reception, sponsored by the Philadelphia Pubic Record, and held in the Sheet Metal Workers Hall on South Columbus Boulevard in Philadelphia, for five fine Labor leaders, a couple of whom I know-John Meyerson, Political Consultant for UFCW 1776; Reesa Kossoff, SEIU PA State Council; Ted Kirsch, President of the Pennsylvania AFT; Linda Fields, Senior Representative of District 1199C AFSCME (hospital and health care workers); and Esteban Vera Jr., Business Manager of Laborers Local 57.

On Friday, April 27, 2018, I attended the breakfast and discussion for Workers Memorial Day, again held at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall. This is an annual event sponsored by the Philadelphia Area Project for Occupational Safety and Health (PHILPOSH) to commemorate the lives of workers who were killed on the job, trying to make a living for themselves and their families. Present there were the families of those fallen workers trying to get by. Speakers there were Steve Leshinski, Executive Director of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and radio Artists) in Philadelphia; Frank Goldstein, who retired from NBC 10 and active in IBEW Local 1241; and Frank Snyder, Secretary-Treasurer of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

Upcoming 4

On Friday, April 27, I will take part in Workers Memorial Day, a day to honor those workers killed or injured on the job. This event is a program of the Philadelphia Area Project for Occupational Safety and Health (PHILAPOSH) and the Philadelphia AFL-CIO. There will be a breakfast at the Sheet Metal Workers’ Hall, 1301 S. Columbus Blvd. in Philadelphia, then after the program there will be a funeral procession down Columbus Boulevard to Penn’s Landing, accompanied by Sean Wydlitz on bagpipes. For further information, please contact PHILAPOSH at (215)386-7000, or e-mail

On Sunday, April 29, I will dozens of other fine Philadelphia area poets in the 22nd Annual Poetry Ink,  a program of the Moonstone Arts Center in honor of National Poetry Month.this will take place at 12:00 Noon at the District Council 1199C Hall, 1319 Locust Street.  For further information, contact Moonstone Arts Center,

On Tuesday, May 1, I will take part in celebrations of May Day, the international workers’ holiday, at a rally and public celebration at Clark Park, 43rd and Baltimore Avenue in Philadelphia. There will be live music, free food provided by the Vets for Peace Chapter 31 “Precision Grill Team,” and activities for kids. This event is sponsored by PHILAPOSH, the May day USA Committee, and the Pennsylvania Labor History Society. For further information, pleace contact Paul Grubb at (215)510-1939,; or Jim Moran, (215)301-2633,

Let’s Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s Sake

via Let’s Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s Sake

Is education, the path to personal and social fulfillment, supposed to be a luxury for rich kids who feel like they’re going to inherit the work anyway and they don’t have to break their necks to get anywhere?

I agree, cancel student loan debt, it’s this country’s equivalent to land reform in developing countries, where land is taken from big landlords and passed on to poor peasants to farm.