On The Eagles’ Win

Being a Philadelphian, I’m happy as hell for the Eagles’ victory in the Super Bowl, even though I don’t give a hoot about any sport; it’s a civic pride thing. I worry about the well being of the City and everyone in it.

BUT-The greatness of a city is not measured by the teams, but how the municipal services-electric, gas water, sewage, police, fire, schools, libraries-work for the people, how the officials service the public (or whether they don’t), and the participation of the public in the city’s affairs, not just griping in the bar or at the TV.

Plus-I saw the crowds of people going down Broad Street and in the other big streets of the city celebrating the win; great, but I would like to see equal amounts of enthusiasm for handling the affairs of the public, what’s going on in our country, our state, and our city. Let’s not use sports as a distraction from dealing with REAL issues.

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