Melania doesn’t like to be First Lady…

via Melania didn’t want this come hell or high water

…but is she willing to give it up, and Donald?


End Violence Against Sex Workers

On Sunday, December 17, there will be a rally to call for an end to violence against sex workers, to be held at Thomas Paine Plaza, 15th Street and JFK Boulevard, starting at 3:00 PM. This is to call for the ending of oppression of people engaged in paid sex work, and to recognize sex work-escorting, porn, stripping at the club, etc.-is real legitimate work, done by people with bills to pay and families to feed and clothe, and who deserve the same rights as all other workers.


Since I retired from my regular job, I have time to relax and have fun-something that has been a source of guilt for me, since I want to do productive things. there is also the worry, “What do I do now?” I do a lot of meditating, and I am an avid reader, those are useful. Just to sit and read and write, and just to have a good time, takes as much self-discipline as it does to do a day’s work.

State Dept. Veterans Being Pushed Out

via Diplomats Sound the Alarm as They Are Pushed Out in Droves – The New York Times

Tillerson is just as much a moron as his boss; he causing and forcing veteran foreign service officers to leave, while new people are discouraged about working in the diplomatic service of this country. The nation’s standing in the world in shrinking, and we the American people must fight this disgrace.

Small Business Saturday

Now that we have endured Black Friday, where we celebrate the holidays by stampeding into big-box stores buying the season’s latest useless trinket, we are now, today, at Small Business Saturday. On this day, we celebrate and support the small, neighborhood businesses and shops in our communities that truly are the engines of local economic development.

I try to purchase my goods in small stores whenever I can; I urge you to do the same, to support those small businesses that have a relationship with the community, and keep their dollars there.

Trump reveals Israeli raid in Syria to Russians

President Trump revealed Israeli commando and Mossad raid in Syria to Russians

via President Trump revealed Israeli commando and Mossad raid in Syria to Russians – Behind The News

This idiot on the White House reveals intelligence activities of a major ally to a hostile power-isn’t this called “treason?” Or is it okay if a Republican does it?

Corporate Takeover of Workers-Oriented Journal of Occupational Health and Safety

via Editorial Board Resigns after Corporate Takeover of Worker-Oriented Public Health Journal

This is a bad sign-workers and their unions may not get accurate information about health and safety on the job. Corporate ownership will weaken the accuracy of the research.