Court Smacks Scott Lively Across his Immoral Face while Dismissing SMUG Case on Jurisdictional Grounds


A Scathing Ruling, Court Affirms SMUG’s Charges Against U.S. Anti-Gay Extremist Scott Lively While Dismissing on Jurisdictional Ground  – Historic Case Has Broken New Legal Ground, Documented Lively’s Campaign of Persecution in Uganda

June 6, 2017, New York – Yesterday, a federal court minced no words in affirming that U.S.-based anti-gay extremist Scott Lively aided and abetted the crime against humanity of persecution in a ruling dismissing the lawsuit brought by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) on a narrow jurisdictional ground.

“Anyone reading this memorandum should make no mistake,” wrote Judge Michael Ponsor of the U.S. District Court in Springfield Massachusetts. “The question before the court is not whether Defendant’s actions in aiding and abetting efforts to demonize, intimidate, and injure LGBTI people in Uganda constitute violations of international law. They do.”

The judge ruled that even though the evidence supports SMUG’s claims that Lively worked to deprive them of…

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Trump Turns Twitter Fury on His Own Presidential Decisions (2)

Trump Turns Twitter Fury on His Own Presidential Decisions (2)

Source: Trump Turns Twitter Fury on His Own Presidential Decisions (2)

trump blames everybody else for his stupid policy and tweets, what kind of leader is THIS? NO kind of leader! Donnie dumbass should resign already.