Opinion: Republicans have shifted insanely backwards since the Bush years

The Republican party is on the slippery slope to stupidity.

A greener life, a greener world

2848274319_7ebbef07a3_b George W. Bush was unlike today’s Republican establishment no climate denier. Photo credit: The U.S. Army via Flickr.

By Anders Lorenzen 

There is no denying it, George W. Bush was never a climate change hero, but he wasn’t a climate change denier either.

As it is rumored that the US could exit the Paris Agreement this week it is worth looking at how insanely far backwards Republican’s have moved on climate change since W handed over the keys to the White House to Barack Obama, back in 2009.

Do you remember the Bush years? Do you remember how we lamented the Bush government for not doing anything on climate change, and of course refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol? But, retrospectively, at least W accepted scientific findings and acknowledged the problems existence. Even if he didn’t enforce any meaningful climate policies – he always stated it was a…

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