Whoops! Trump Dishonors the Irish on St.Patrick’s Day!

trump even fucks up a state visit from the Prime Minister of Ireland, something that’s supposed to be pleasurable for a head of state( although there might be some work to it). I’m A-SHAMED that this MORON is the commander in chief of our armed forces, the public face of the US of A to the world, the keeper of the nuclear codes.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
President Trump has been quick to celebrate the day.  The problem is that he seems to have revealed just how ignorant he is about the day, and Irish heritage.
First, the White House released a video, attempting to portray Trump honoring Irish heritage.  The only problems were (1) that the music chosen was Amazing Grace, which was written by an Englishman, and (2) the song was performed by Scottish bagpipers.  Scotland has a long history of Irish bigotry.
Then there was Trump’s tweet.  He tweeted:
“Happy Lá Fheile Phadraig to all of my great Irish friends!”
Twitter was quick to point out that St. Patrick was himself an immigrant.  Trump also misspelled the words.
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny came to visit Trump this week at the White House.  Vice President Pence greeted him, trying to be cute, with the phrase “Top of the morning.” 

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