Penis de Milo…Another Conservative Prick Bites The Dust!!!


The fact that Milo Yiannopoulos was such an integral part of the hypocrisy and hubris of the so-called alt-right movement remains amazing to me. The not so “Brightfart” faction of right-wing lunatics actually embraced this pedophile and his brand of nonsense until he was caught on video praising the “positives” of grown men instructing young boys on how to perform oral sex etc.

Milo wants to ban transgendered folks from exposing themselves to children in a bathroom, but he finds pedophilia perfectly acceptable?

This motherfucker is insane, and he has…unfortunately…had free reign to espouse his supposedly patriotic perversion upon the rest of civilized society. White Privilege protects rapists from consequences…ask The Cheeto-In-Chief…Brock Turner…Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and a host of other hooligans that should be behind bars instead of walking around freely.

As a senior editor of the sewer-sludge, Reich-Wing influenced resovoir for the most hate-filled rectal…

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