2 thoughts on “Trump Stiffs Own Internal Pollster For $767,000 – Joe.My.God.

  1. Donald Trump would make a better POTUS than Kanye West, are you kidding me? If I were a gambler I would bet that West would be a 100 times better as the POTUS than that lying, groping, draft dodging, tax evading, non-debt paying, misogynistic, red neck, con-man, crooked, trickster, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, hypocrite.

    Trumpkins who excuse his behaviour are the people who believe all those women who stated he made sexual assaults against them are being paid by Hillary Clinton to lie. They also believe that those 3,000 lawsuits against him some of them pending for years due to his delaying tricks are also being manipulated by Hillary. The worst Trumpkins are those that excuse his horrendous behavior by claiming heโ€™s a great businessman.

    The truth about most Trumpkins is they worship Donald because they believe he can get them what they cannot get for themselves. As a result they are willing to ignore his disgusting conduct not for the good of the country but for their own selfish interests. So utterly pathetic!

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