Workers Educaation Time

In July I will resume my classes in Labor Studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in Labor Studies. I believe that education is the highest form on empowerment-once you know the reality of the world you live in, and the strength you have and the forces arrayed against you, that is the start of all other forms of empowerment; you organize yourselves to fight against those who would abuse you-you realize you no longer have to put up with this horrible situation. As the old Wobbly Big Bill Haywood said, “The brains to run society is under the cap of the worker.”

I just came back from my union meeting-AFSCME Local 696-with the news that I WON an adult scholarship the union provides for members. I am SO proud, and I will use my knowledge for the benefit of my labor brothers and sisters, along with those of other, closely related causes.

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