John Shamburger, Promotions

John Shamburger is in the promotional business, promoting small businesses such as mom and pop businesses that need exposure. “I give them a platform to promote their product and services,” he says. One venue will be at Chester High School on November 26, 2016, “where I will organize an expo called ‘Millionaires in Training,’ where they will display their products and services. This will be the first such expo in Chester.”
Shamburger held his first expo in 2013 at Asbury AME Church, where it attracted 20 vendors and 250 attendees. “The small businesses don’t have the money for the advertising that the larger companies could afford.” Shamburger also hosts business seminars where small business owners could be educated in running their businesses and sustaining their business. “We also have platforms for youth, where they could display their product and services and learn how to run their business.”

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