Dr. Myava Clark

Dr. Myava Clark is a health and wellness coach; “I represent a line of all-natural products,” she says, “that promote healthy and natural cellular cleansing.” the products and denatured, says Clark, meaning “the product goes into human consumption without being heated, it is cold compressed. the amino acids stay whole and are more easily digested and do not go out of the body as waste.” The products and all natural, says Clark, and gluten-free, with no soy or genetically modified organisms.
    Clark has a PhD in Education, specializing in higher education and leadership, and she teaches at the Community College of Philadelphia. “I was 230 pounds,” recalls Clark, “and I started losing weight with diet and exercise, but I hit a plateau,. I was in a car accident, and I was introduced to the product through my doctor. I lost thelast bit of weight and created lean muscle, and I maintained this weight loss for five years.” Of the product, Clark says, “It was easy for me to agree to sell it, because I believe in the product. I’m excited about helping people reach their goals of energy and performance, weight loss, healthy aging, and financial goals.” Clark also works with athletes and professional competitors.

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