Resolutions for Rosh ha-Shona 5776

I continue my practice of writing resolutions for Rosh-ha-Shona, the Jewish New year, the great time of self assessment, when you look into the past year, see what you did right and wrong, and adjust accordingly. we always need to know that we are not bound by the past and the mistakes we have done; we CAN do better, and Rosh ha-Shona is that time for self-evaluation. 

I continue to conduct myself with self-love, self-esteem, and self-respect. I avoid saying or thinking anything negative about myself, my abilities, and my life, and I concentrate on the positive elements of my life.

I continue to be loyal to my various social and political causes.

I continue to develop my art and business of writing.

I continue to develop various other arts to take part in.

I continue to be loyal to Jewish religion, history, Torah, Israel, Kabbalah, etc.

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