Civility Has Its Place

I saw the clips in Seattle, where Bernie Sanders was getting ready to speak, and two women supposedly from the Black Lives Matter movement jumped on the platform and yelled at Sanders about how he hasn’t done enough about Civil Rights, etc. there is definitely a record of Bernie-yes I AM a Bernie Sander partisan, not AT ALL ashamed of it- being active in the Civil Rights movement, in and out of politics. Were these women set up by some right-wing entity, the Koch brothers for instance, to make Bernie look bad to the African-American community? Or maybe some fools needing an excuse to act foolish? ¬†Whatever, what they did was SO inappropriate, and there are powerful forces who would¬†create dissention and division among progressive forces, to cling to their plutocratic power. Let’s go beyond this episode, and listen to Bernie Sanders as he challenges the REAL enemy, the corporations and their hireling media.

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