Education for Empowerment

I have just returned from a ten-day session at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in a limited-residency graduate program in Labor Studies; the study and education of workers in this country is THAT important a topic. In this program I have studied Labor Law, Labor and the Media (neither of which is our friend), Labor Research (to attain information on those corporations that take from us and leave us little), and Labor History ( so we can learn what working people had to fight through so that we can get the benefits we have right now).

You can’t always count on the “left liberal news media” or the “full of radical professors” school system to tell us working people the real story of us and our movement; that is left to us to tell our stories honestly, and to make a stand for our rights and for our children. I urge everyone to enter a Labor education program of any sort, and empower yourself with knowledge-and put it to work.

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