Michelle Snow

I take this time to put in a word for a friend of mine, Michelle Snow. She’s a Career Coach in the business of bringing businesses together to combine skills and resources. People beginning startup businesses have high hopes, little money or other limited resources. Michelle brings new entrepreneurs together to share resources and to utilize each other’s services. As a graduate of Peirce College, majoring in Business Administration and Human Resources, she has worked extensively in Human Resources, Training, and Diversity in various Corporations. In her roles as Corporate Training Manager, National Orientation Manager, and other key leadership positions, Michelle fell in love with Personal and Professional Development for Leaders.
Through her experience, Michelle appreciates how difficult it is for small businesses to start up, and she wants to make the road easier. This passion ignited the Michelle Snow Network where she supports over 1,500 new, growing, and aspiring entrepreneurs. The network has dozens of services including food & dessert, accounting, tow & fleet, beauty, speakers, education, event, floral and much more. The organization supports members by networking through on-line engagement, live crowd funding events, showcase opportunities with larger affiliates such as Adecco and the SONESTA Hotel, and more. This methodology is a proven key to the organization’s success.
For excellent business and professional consulting, contact the Michelle Snow Company, LLc at (267)515-6705; michellesnowcompany@gmail.com; on Facebook: Michelle Snow Company LLC; and on the web, http://www.michellesnowcompany.com.



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